Business Coaching


The business coaching services offered by Value Chain Connections lay the foundation for organisations to undergo significant growth. Rolling A3 business and action plans provide roadmaps and engage & empower employees to deliver great results for the company.

Segmentation principles identify the customers and products within the organisation that bring the greatest value, and allows the organisation to implement strategies throughout the value chain to protect and grow that value and share it as appropriate with customers and vendors.

Programme & Change Management Services

We have 15 years' experience in global business transformation
In order to remain competitive organisations may need to undertake various change initiatives, whether they be structural, process-related or deployment of new systems.

Value Chain connections has over 15 years’ experience in global business transformation, and offers support services in:
Programme governance
Business case development
Business process alignment
Business transformation plans
Benefits realisation mapping

Interim Management Services

We help you face transitions without the full commitment to recruitment
At some stage, most organisations will face a need to employ the services of an experienced leader on an interim basis. This could be through a requirement to:

• Temporarily introduce a specialised skill set
• Resource up whilst an existing executive is on an expended project, development programme or sabbatical
• Enable an organisation to undertake significant organisational change or growth.

Interim management, also known as executive leasing, provides an opportunity for additional resource to be brought on board without the high cost and implications associated with permanent recruitment.

With over 20 years of executive experience in global management and leadership roles, Value Chain Connections offers interim management solutions in:

Strategy and general management
Operations and supply chain
Business process re-engineering
Organisational culture change

Non-Executive Directorships


Do you need to enhance your global supply chain capability at the Board table? Do you require a Director who also brings a strong Health and Safety focus and Compliance culture?

With over 40 years in the metals, food, beverage, fish dairy, agri-tech and pharmaceutical sectors, covering both commodity and retail markets, the Value Chain Connections Directors have extensive operational strategy and change leadership experience in global organisations. The governance skills developed as part of this executive experience is the foundation for the advisory services offered by the Value Chain Connections Directors.

The Value Chain Connections Directors are qualified with the NZ Institute of Directors Certificate in Company Direction.

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