Value Chain Connections is an independently owned supply chain and management services company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Value Chain Connections offers supply chain advisory and interim management services to businesses wanting to improve to the success of their operations. Value Chain Connections looks beyond conventional logistics and business process wisdom and focuses on the dynamics of the end-to-end supply chain, aligning processes and achieving synergies and benefits throughout the value chain. These realisations can only be made when organisations understand and collaborate in the trust and behaviour of true partnerships.

Value Chain Connections achieves results primarily through leading and managing change within the client’s business. It challenges people to think outside the traditional boundaries of their operations and explores new ways of working, whether this be in:

  • Business process alignment
  • Customer collaboration
  • Vendor collaboration
  • Supply chain segmentation
  • Sales and operations planning
  • Change management
  • Strategic sourcing and tactical purchasing

Benefits Include:

  • Engaged workforce with a common and shared purpose
  • Customers and vendors aligned with shared goals
  • >30% improvement in demand forecast accuracy
  • >20% reduction in service delivery failures
  • >25% reduction in purchasing spend
  • >30% reduction in inventory and working capital
  • >3% reduction in operating costs
"...creating additional value through business alignment and collaboration..."